Common Questions

What is the process for becoming a CCAMPIS recipient?
Upon successful enrollment of a child at the Infant/Toddler Lab School and or Children's Center, complete a CCAMPIS eligibility application prior to the quarter in which you wish to receive funding.

Is there a wait list for CCAMPIS funds?

No, there is not a wait list for CCAMPIS funds.

What are my responsibilities as a CCAMPIS recipient?

You are required to be actively involved in four areas of the CCAMPIS grant. First, you need to volunteer for at least 6 hours per quarter that you are awarded subsidies. Secondly, you are required to attend at least one parenting workshop with the CCAMPIS Parenting Education Specialist during the academic quarter in which CCAMPIS funding is received. Third, you must obtain academic counseling at least once for each quarter you receive CCAMPIS subsidies.  Fourth, you must complete a quarterly survey for each quarter you receive CCAMPIS subsidies.

How much financial assistance will I receive if I qualify?
These subsidies operate on a sliding fee scale, and will vary according to the amount of child care hours requested.

When can I start receiving subsidy?
If you are determined to be eligible for CCAMPIS funding, you can start receiving subsidy funding beginning on the first day of the following quarter after you submit your competed application.

May I use my current child care provider?
No, CCAMPIS funding is a subsidy that can be applied to the care of your child only at either the Infant/Toddler Lab School or the Children's Center on campus at CSUSB only.

How will I receive the child care subsidy funds?
Your funding will be sent directly to the center in which your child attends. Any unused subsidies will be returned to the CCAMPIS fund.

Will CCAMPIS funding have any impact on my eligibility for financial aid?
No, if you are eligible for CCAMPIS funding, this will have absolutely no impact on your financial aid award.

When will I know if I am going to receive CCAMPIS funding?
You will know if you qualify no later than one week before the start of the quarter you are applying for.

How long is my application good for?
Your application is good for ONE academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer). You must re-apply for each new school year. The academic year is September to August.

What will happen if I do not meet the CCAMPIS requirements?
If you do not fulfill the CCAMPIS requirements you will be placed on probation for the following quarter you attend and will be required to pay back a portion of the subsidy received. If during the following quarter you do not fulfill all of the CCAMPIS requirements you will no longer attend you will may not be eligible to apply for CCAMPIS funding in the future and will be required to pay back a portion of the subsidy received.